Rank17 thrives on creating room-scale virtual reality experiences. With a firm belief that VR is the future, we have committed ourselves to developing fun, inspiring games across the top virtual reality platforms. Our passion for gaming has given us the drive to schedule out a number of quality, diverse games to quench the need for immersion. Follow us on one of our channels (or all of them!) and get an inside look into how we make games and the process involved.


Taking advantage of what VR has to offer. We look at every aspect of our games and deliver an experience to fill your room!

Fun First

We love games. A lot. We make the games we want to play, push ourselves to make them better, and give you the most fun you will have in VR.

Immersive Gameplay

Fighting zombies, hitting homeruns, catching ghosts, deflecting lasers. You will forget it’s just virtual.

Games by Gamers

More than developers. We are gamers. And we get excited every time we get to play our games. Excuse me. It’s my turn to play.

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Bionic Buzz Interview with Rank17 CEO at VRLA 2017

Steve Iverson, our illustrious CEO, was interviewed by Bionic Buzz at VRLA 2017. It was a great event, and we loved meeting everyone that came by!

03 May 17 rank17tim
VRLA-interview with Ossic

Rank17 at VRLA

Our friends at Ossic visited us at our booth during VRLA where we showed them Mighty Monster Mayhem! We had a chance to talk with them about the game and what is in store for you when you play it! Check out the video below.

28 Apr 17 rank17tim
MMM developer story Part 2

Destroying Buildings in Mighty Monster Mayhem

When we first started building MMM, we knew the most exciting part of the game was going to be building destruction.  You’d climb, jump, throw, and eat things, but the #1 thing you’d do is destroy! To make destruction feel how we wanted, you needed to be able to punch, crush, and tear apart every […]

07 Mar 17 rank17tim
Dev Story - Mighty Monster Mayhem

Mighty Monster Mayhem – Developer Notes

Part 1 – The Method Behind our Mayhem We invite you to peel back the curtains, and meet the method behind our madness. The creation of Mighty Monster Mayhem has been a fun, exciting experience for us. Full of surprises, tears and yes… mayhem. Throughout the remaining weeks of our development cycle, come and see […]

28 Feb 17 Jordan
The Monsters!

Mighty Monster Mayhem – Tease!

Mighty Monster Mayhem is Rank17’s foray into releasing your frustrations on a poor little city that has done nothing wrong.  And you, you are a monster. An utterly disgusting, revolting, menacing, incredibly cool, super strong MONSTER! Oh yeah. Wait, what’s that? You want to destroy cities with your friends! Okay! Multi-player is a go! Stay in […]

13 Feb 17 rank17tim
Fox News - BladeShield

BladeShield in the news!

A local VR arcade was recently on the news, and bless their souls, they are playing BladeShield! We love their reactions while playing our game.

27 Jan 17 rank17tim

“X” in VR: Going Beyond

As a developer we are continually tracking trends in the VR ecosystem, and one of the trends we keep our eye on is something I like to call “X” in VR.  This is taking a simple concept or mechanic from traditional gaming or real life and slapping into the Virtual Reality space. Why This Used […]

06 Jan 17 Jordan
HTC Vive controllers

A Case for Simplicity in VR

or why we don’t want to RTFM One of the often overlooked challenges in creating immersive experiences in Virtual Reality is effective use of the controllers and how to convey sometimes complicated instructional information in a way that the user can actually process.  Keyboards and console controllers have been ingrained in us for decades, but […]

04 Jan 17 Jordan
BladeShield - the VR Game

BladeShield – You are the last stand

You are last hope to save the crew of the spaceship Titan-X, transferring cargo to the Phenos system.  The ships A.I. has become sentient, and has a real distaste for humankind. Their first goal is to take over the ship. You goal, is to hold them off as the crew evacuates. The longer you can hold […]

16 Dec 16 rank17tim
Boo Breakers

Boo Breakers: The Ghostening Launch!

Whoo Hoo! Boo Breakers is now live on the Steam store. Our exciting foray into the mystical adventures of a curse breaking mage has been realized and now everyone can play as the mysterious Boo Breaker! With dual wands, powerful magic and dangerous ghosts, your journey may not be easy, but it is going to […]

24 Oct 16 rank17tim