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BladeShield - the VR Game

BladeShield – You are the last stand

16 Dec 16
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You are last hope to save the crew of the spaceship Titan-X, transferring cargo to the Phenos system.  The ships A.I. has become sentient, and has a real distaste for humankind. Their first goal is to take over the ship. You goal, is to hold them off as the crew evacuates. The longer you can hold them off the more crew you save.

BladeShield introduces our newest tool to save mankind, the BladeShield™. A adaptable security tool that switches between laser sword and shield with the flick of a switch. Deflect incoming bolts from the blasterbots with either your shield OR sword! Deflect enough and you will charge up your massive EMP blast capable of bringing down any robot within the sphere of damage!

Grab your BladeShield now, and save the world!!!!

Check some of the awesome gameplay!

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