Game Designer

Game Designer

We are looking for a game designer to be a part of developing VR games. You will be a part of the game development process from initial idea to final implementation. Working with our engineers and artists, you will help create prototypes and turn them into quality titles targeting multiple VR platforms.

  • Want to have an immediate impact on your business?
  • Tired of being stuck on the same project for too long?



  • Creating fun and innovative mechanics, level design, and story elements
  • Designing and validating VR prototypes
  • Taking rough game concepts and ideas and finding the game within
  • Researching and evaluating existing VR games
  • Selecting and creating level assets
  • Validating game and mechanics design with QA and players
  • Develop and manage post game updates and bug fixes



  • A minimum of 2 years of professional experience in 3D game design with multiple published titles.
  • Strong experience with Unity3D
  • General knowledge of level, mechanics, and system designs
  • Broad knowledge of the core game space across VR
  • VR game development experience


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