Senior Unity VR Engineer

Senior Unity VR Engineer

We are looking for an experienced VR engineer to join our game development team. This person will be responsible for the rapid creation of small to medium VR games. An ideal candidate is experienced building VR games with little to no guidance, and works well with a team of designers and artists. Because you will be building multiple games, the ideal candidate must have an aptitude for reusing code and components.

  • Want to have an immediate impact on your business?
  • Tired of being stuck on the same project for too long?
  • Stuck developing version 10 of the same product you have worked on time and time again?


  • Rapid prototyping of new VR mechanics and game proposals
  • Innovating on existing input and control schemes to create new VR experiences
  • Creating maintainable code bases built for Unity that can be reused across multiple projects
  • Integrating SteamVR and PS-VR SDKs into Unity games
  • Validating game and mechanics design with QA & players
  • Creating Unity editor extensions for the design and engineering team


  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience in Unity with multiple published titles
  • Extensive knowledge of the Unity engine and C#
  • Experience in 3D games and Virtual Reality development
  • The ability to take a game design and build a mechanics prototype on your own in a few days
  • Understanding of how to take purchased art assets and make them look right and fit into a project
  • Unity profiler experience and performance optimization
  • Sample projects demonstrating code quality, cleanliness, maintainability, and proper use of the Unity engine


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